BODYPLEX FITNESS – “It just feels different.”

Sure, our Bodyplex facilities are made up of state-of-the-art equipment and world-renowned programming.  But the “pleX-factor” that gives our members the feeling that they can’t do without us goes well beyond “fitness stuff”.  Bodyplex magic really boils down to our Team and their relentless commitment to the member experience and passion for creating raving fans in every community we inhabit. It’s about a movement of people who embrace and deliver our core values of Members First, Delivering Extra and Having Fun on the Job that permeates throughout our facilities on  a daily basis!

In short, it’s a contagious culture centered around people and lived out by people and it’s what makes Bodyplex, Bodyplex.

It’s the only way we know how to do it and our fans wouldn’t want it any other way!


At Bodyplex we equip every member for success through an engineered system designed to deliver results! Our core values begin at #1 with Members Matter Most and it’s not something we simply put in writing but it’s a mission that we live out daily.  Ultimately, we’ve spent over a decade evolving a system to ensure that this will be the most unique and rewarding fitness experience of your life and one that will leave you anticipating your next workout and reaching your goals.  We don’t know any other way to do it and our raving fans wouldn’t want it any other way!


bplex1machineYou can’t measure progress without establishing a starting point and as a member of Bodyplex, all new members receive a complimentary, body-composition test via our InBody 570 machine.The InBody 570 represents the most technologically advanced piece of equipment in our facility and in less than 60 seconds delivers valuable data regarding a person’s body-fat percentage, skeletal muscle mass, visceral fat and more.  Conventional scales are thing of the past and only tell you what you weigh – the InBody tells you what you’re made of! ($50 value!)

bplex2mini-logo Forget the days of wandering through an abundance of confusing equipment with no assistance!  Following their complimentary, body-composition test, all new Bodyplex members meet with our Programming Director to discuss their results as well as their goals.  We then design a customized, member-specific PlexPlan that incorporates one’s goals, lifestyle and our programming options into a weekly schedule to set them up for the best chance of success in our facility. It’s a Bodyplex exclusive and all a part of our commitment to delivering positive life change.  ($100 value!)

bplex3SUPPORT TEAM! Since our birth, Bodyplex has been staffed by a Member Service Team made-up of passionate fitness enthusiasts in-lieu of the sales-teams you’ll find elsewhere.  Many facilities can sell you self-service access to equipment but at Bodyplex we reinvented the experience 16 years ago and it’s been fueling us ever since!  Each team member is Expected, Encouraged and Empowered to serve our members daily and to provide an inspirational environment full of support!