What makes Bodyplex unique?

BODYPLEX VISION:  To deliver an anticipated, life-changing fitness experience the world didn’t know it was missing.

A little over-zealous? We think not. In fact, we don’t think a single member should settle for anything less than a workout environment that motivates, supports and inspires them to make us a habit.  We were born out of the desire to elevate the workout experience to new heights.  Simply put, to raise the bar!  We want to be a destination that people feel they can’t do without.


It all started here! BodyPlex was born from and has been fueled ever since by a never-ending desire to deliver a raved-about member experience that keeps our members anticipating their next workout. We are consumed with creating inspiring environments infused with a passionate service-team, the industry’s most modern equipment and the most raved about class programming around the globe in order to increase the success rate of our members. In addition, we understand those elements which inspire and motivate humans and are constantly striving to “raise the bar” in this arena by infusing the workout experience with an abundance of positive energy and an atmosphere second to none.


Innovate or be left behind. Evolve or Dissolve. At BodyPlex we believe that complacency kills and we have always been unsettled with the way things are. We have always and will always put our processes under a microscope regularly and ask ourselves, “Is there a better way, a more inspiring way, to do this?” With this type of forward thinking BodyPlex continues to evolve, upgrade and re-invest in the member experience in the form of inspiring environments, regularly upgrading equipment and delivering programming that is fun, inspiring and results-producing.  Equipment and technology are ever-evolving and we are right there to capture the latest and greatest the industry has to offer and, in turn, deliver it to our raving fans!


Our hiring formula is simple and also intentional – find enthusiastic, courteous people with a serving spirit who share our passion for delivering life-change through fitness then teach them our systems and empower them to go make a difference! Let’s face it – all gyms have equipment. In fact, we remind our teams constantly that with the right resources anyone can equip a modern, state-of-the-art facility. However, it is our staff and their commitment to a unique vision that sets us far apart from any other health club on the planet. Passionate people want to make a difference and instinctively go the extra mile to elevate the industry that consumes their heart and soul.


Who doesn’t like to have fun? At BodyPlex we realize that if it’s fun for our team, they will make it fun, inviting, contagious and addictive for our members as well. With that being said, we continuously strive to create a fun, engaging, challenging and rewarding work environment for our employees that leaves them looking forward to their job and fuels them with a passion for serving others. People have an innate desire to be a part of something bigger than themselves – a cause, a team or a movement – that has the ability to impact the world around it and at BodyPlex our employees can find that. It not only motivates them but it fuels them to serve our members creating an atmosphere and a culture that people want to include in their daily routine.


At 211 degrees, water is just hot water. But at 212 degrees, only 1 degree higher, something very special happens. Hot water leaves its liquid state for steam and can then power a locomotive. 1 degree changes everything and at BodyPlex we are passionate about changing lives with it. Despite the perception of most that fitness is a sales business, we realized long ago and decided at our birth that we were going to be in the service and “experience” business. It means going above and beyond conventional business models to create an unmatched, raved-about, highly addictive fitness experience. We are service enthusiasts who believe that one gets more out of life when they focus on what they can add to someone else’s and it’s been fueling us since 2000. A little different? Absolutely!!! But we couldn’t do it any other way!


From the day of hire, Bodyplex educates all employees by training and equipping them with the tools and knowledge necessary to deliver our vision. From familiarity with our culture and expectations to our programming and proper use of equipment, members can always depend on anyone in a Bodyplex team shirt. We promote a positive environment for our team members to grow, learn, and thrive and our goal is to develop a long-term team of highly motivated and well-balanced individuals who are focused and extremely capable of delivering exceptional service on the job every day. Ultimately, BodyPlex wants to offer our employees opportunities for personal growth and development AND provide them with an environment that challenges, inspires and brings out their personal best!


At Bodyplex our members frequent our facility more than any other business in our community, sometimes 4-5 days per week at an average of over 1 hour per visit.  We get to know people and we are here for every one of them. Since birth we have been dedicated to assisting our members in reaching their goals and measure our success as an organization by the percentage of members who utilize our facility on a regular basis. Our PlexPlan is a customized plan designed specifically for every new member to set them up for their best chance of success in our club.  We are intentional and deliberate about knowing and connecting with our members ensuring that they NEVER feel like a number but instead more like a part of a growing family that truly cares.   It’s REVOLUTION and we’re all in it together!


In a world of gimmicks and “too good to be true” deals, consumers crave authenticity. It’s Bodyplex philosophy that if you have an inspiring product or service that ads value to people’s lives, you would never need to be misleading. Hello?! We aren’t rocket scientists – just passionate people dedicated to positively impacting all of those we encounter. It’s who we are and its woven into the fabric of our culture. We recognize the benefits of long-term, loyal relationships and we embrace the Golden Rule of treating others the way we like to be treated. Simply put, we commit to our members that they will have a positive experience, that we will offer only the best in equipment and programming, and that their success and best interest are our greatest concern.


BodyPlex strives to radiate its serving and enthusiastic culture well outside of the 4 walls of our facilities and to positively impact the surrounding communities of the areas in which we operate. Our goal? To enrich the lives of our local neighborhoods and community groups including the schools and their related athletic organizations, churches, other businesses and the even the vendors who serve us. We recognize the mutual benefits of creating loyalty and long-term relationships and incorporate this into much of our decision-making processes. Ultimately, we want people to consider it a pleasurable experience in doing business with us, to be the most raved about business in any community we inhabit and to create a positive, uplifting experience for all we engage with.


Profitability is essential to growth, in delivering excellence and ultimately enhancing the member experience in accordance with our vision. It’s an incredible and endless cycle but by hiring well and delivering life-changing experiences, profits are attainable and afford us the opportunity to hire more passionate people dedicated to our cause.. In addition, this growth affords us the great opportunity to continuously upgrade our facilities in the form of new technology and equipment along with the most results-producing group fitness classes and training programming available to further elevate the member experience. And see, we’re right back where we started – at Core Value 1Members Matter Most. It begins there and it all comes back to there and it’s the sole reason BodyPlex was created and exists today!!


At Bodyplex, we realize that we have been blessed with the amazing opportunity to change lives on a daily basis and never take that fact for granted. It’s a huge responsibility and one that we don’t take lightly. From those on our front lines to our Kidsplex staff, Group Fitness instructors and our Personal Trainers, we are all in this together. In addition, although we are proud of our vision and philosophies that are centered around people, we can never take credit for them. They are engrained in us and a part of our DNA. From our original creator and Founder to the people we hire, it simply boils down to a group of people dedicated to creating an environment that is set up to help others find success. We are truly blessed.